Develop outstanding, scalable products, the right way, first time.

We handhold your company in its digital transformation journey by offering a host of services and capabilities to simplify IoT, help you define the best strategy for your business, and bring together the best of IoT products, partners and services on board for your business.

Our on-site consultants work in tandem with your in-house teams to maximize the value of your IoT investments. Our tried and tested methodologies not only help review your processes and pain points, but also come up with end-to-end solutions to deliver a competitive edge, and give you maximum ROI.

From device optimization, to tech consultancy, support, turnkey software delivery, big-data analytics solutions, and more, our team of Solution Architects works to develop and deploy custom applications, aligned with specific verticals and customer expectations.

Our team guarantees hassle-free, quick and cost-effective deployment that are ready to perform optimally.


Front-end Technologies

Back-end Technologies

Machine Learning and embedded Technologies

Mobile Apps Technologies

Database Technologies


API gateway: We deliver customized use cases by binding Cumulocity Rest APIs and transforming the Cumulocity domain models (Managed Object, Events, Alarms, Operations, Audit Logs, Inventory) for Custom Solution Requirements. The API gateway serves as an entry path for Custom Solutions and is fully responsible for Authorization and Security Aspects.

Real Time Analytics Service: Our solutions dynamically analyze the incoming near-real-time data, and transform it into relevant actions such as Events, Alarms and Operations.

Aggregator services: Our solutions support Batch/Scheduled Analytics on the Events/Measurements observed to define data for the Custom Use Case derived KPIs and Analytics.

Third Party integrations: Our solutions support seamless integration of third party systems such as SAP, CRM, SMS Gateway, Email Gateways, among others, over REST or SOAP Protocols.


As a leading Master System Integrators, we consult you every step of your digital transformation journey, while managing different aspects of operational technology, and leveraging different integrated systems, manufacturers, designs, and industry best practices for your benefit.

We make sure all your systems communicate properly, collaborate with end-customers to ensure systems information is accessible and usable, and develop software layers responsible for integration, aggregation, and communication of the systems.

We are your true technology partner in implementing your future roadmap.

  • Complete ownership : Right from the design phase till the end of execution, we will pro-actively consult you at every step of the way.
  • ROI driven approach: We take the time to understand your conditions to develop strategies on how technology systems will address your business needs in the best possible manner.
  • Agile Project management : Our team will swiftly understand your operation, work flow, and existing challenges to manage projects effectively.
  • Deep integrations with global platforms : Our solutions allow for seamless, end-to-end integrations with platforms that are able to deliver services globally.
  • Customization : We customize our solutions and integrate them with the best industry practices to deliver the best for your project.
  • Optimized Procurement : We diversify our sourcing portfolio to optimize delivery of service, which helps fully realize the expected benefits.
  • Local Partnerships : We partner with the best local ecosystem to drive sustainability and help drive down costs in the long run.
  • Self Paced Training : Our training is completely self-paced, so that your organizational resources can prepare themselves for the implementation, as and when they are ready.

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